JULIE Utility Marking

At Auto Rain, safety is a key component of installations and our promise to perform quality work. Don’t be fooled by contractors that try to “cut corners” or claim to “save time” by not following safety guidelines! – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! A step of our installation process is to call the utility marking … Read more


Backflow The reversal of flow from that normally intended. Hydraulic conditions that cause backflow include back siphonage, back pressure and aspiration. Backflow Preventer A device or an assembly used to prevent contamination of the potable water supply through an actual or potential cross-connection. Backflow Preventer: Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly” or “RPZ” A plumbing … Read more

Sprinkler System Installation Process

The Auto-Rain Sprinkler System Installation Process An Auto Rain Sprinkler System is carefully and thoughtfully designed, and is custom tailored with your property and unique  landscape in mind.  We strive to make the entire process easy and as hassle free as possible to further exceed your expectations.  From the start through the finish of your … Read more

Online Payments

We offer multiple ways to pay for your irrigation, service work, drainage, or landscape lighting job! *Note: Credit card payments will have a 4% charge added on to the final invoice, this rate is subject to change at anytime with or without notice. Financing is available for approved clients, if this is an option you … Read more

Service Areas

Auto Rain Service Areas include but are not limited to:

WaterSense Label

The WaterSense Label What the Label Means WaterSense labeled products meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance, and are backed by independent, third-party certification. Certifying organizations help maintain the WaterSense label’s integrity and credibility by verifying and testing products for conformance to WaterSense specifications, efficiency, performance, and label use, and also conduct periodic market … Read more


About Auto-Rain

Born out of a landscape company, Auto-Rain has had the privilege of serving the irrigation needs of the Chicagoland area for the past 30 years! Whether a large commercial project or a private residence, Auto-Rain is your #1 choice for in-ground sprinklers. Our dedication to remain on the cutting edge of the irrigation industry is … Read more