Drainage Solutions | Keeping Your Property Safe

Our professional installation services provide peace of mind that your home is protected from potential water damage. We’ll work with you to create a customized water drainage system that meets your specific needs and ensures that your property remains safe and dry, no matter the weather.

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Water Drainage Solutions to Protect Your Investment

Expertly designed and installed, effective and affordable drainage solutions carefully planned for your specific property. Auto Rain has been serving clients in Chicagoland, Northshore, and the Northwest Suburbs for over 30 years!

  • Residential Homeowners
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Home Owner Associations 

We Do Property Drainage Right the First Time!

In many cases, we have been called upon to correct work that has been improperly performed by other contractors. 

By hiring Auto Rain, you are hiring professionals with a proven track record of doing the job right the first time! 

Why Would A Drainage Solution Be Recommended For My Yard?

  • If wet areas render parts of your yard in un-useable or un-mowable condition
  • Help prevent wet basements
  • Ease the burden on sump pump(s)
  • Effectively move water away from the house/building foundation 
  • Move water away from entertainment areas (patio, fire-pit, etc.) 

Where Are Drainage Solutions Needed?

Areas that retain water – such as:

  • Front/Back/Side Yards
  • Parking lots
  • Driveways (Blacktop, Paver,Concrete)
  • Walkways
  • Downspouts (extensions) and sump pump discharge pipes that don’t move water far enough away from the foundation of the building
  • Culverts/Ditches that never dry up

When Should I Have My Drainage Solution Installed By Auto-Rain?

  • Wet areas of yard and or drainage ditches and swales that hold water or never dry up will get worse over time – they won’t “fix” themselves
  • Wet areas in parking lots/driveways/walkways will cause failures or problems in the blacktop/concrete/brick pavers

What Are The Different Types Of Drainage Solutions?

  • Surface Drainage: Correcting the ground with proper grading and pitch of yard to make the water flow to a different area naturally
  • Underground Drainage: Uses Pipe, and/or Pipe with gravel and filter fabric to run water flow underground

I Have These Issues On My Property, How Do You Fix It?

  1. We will almost always choose to correct the grading/pitch of the land to move the water overland if possible (Surface Drainage)
  2. When correction of overland flow is not possible, we may then suggest some type of piped system – There are 3 main types of piped systems (Underground Drainage)
    • Solid pipe to move water from Point A to Point B
    • French Drain (also referred to as Curtain Drain) – This type of system uses perforated pipe with washed gravel and filter fabric (*See cross section detail)
    • A combination of solid pipe and French/Curtain drain with the possible addition of catch basins and/or inlet/outlet yard drains

Materials Most Commonly Used in Our Drainage Solutions

(Listed in order of frequency of use)

  • SDR35 PVC Pipe (perforated and solid)
  • Gravel and Filter Fabric
  • Yard Drains
  • Concrete Structures (catch basins)
  • Corrugated Pipe (very infrequently used, special circumstances only)