The Auto-Rain Sprinkler System Installation Process

An Auto Rain Sprinkler System is carefully and thoughtfully designed, and is custom tailored with your property and unique  landscape in mind. 

We strive to make the entire process easy and as hassle free as possible to further exceed your expectations. 

From the start through the finish of your installation, you can rest assured that you are getting the best in quality, parts, and service when you choose Auto Rain!

Step 1: Request an Estimate

Request and estimate appointment by emailing us at 

Please include your name, phone number, email address, city you reside in, and approximate project completion date in your email. We will respond within 24-48 hours. 

Please note, when making an estimate appointment, the homeowners will need to be present as access to viewing your water source is required (visual inspection of water meter or well equipment is necessary to give you an accurate quote).

Step 2: The Estimate/ Initial Appointment

Typically the first step at the initial appointment -after introduction, your Auto Rain Representative will ask to see your water supply (water meter or well equipment-typically located in a basement or closet). This is very important for several reasons! 

Your estimator needs to determine the size of your water supply to determine the amount of water available for your lawn sprinkler system. 

This step must occur to provide a properly pressurized, engineered, and design/layout of your sprinkler system.

At Auto Rain, we will always do our best to properly design and engineer your system in the proper fashion as to avoid the need for a Booster Pump. We typically can avoid the need for a Booster Pump by properly designing your lawn sprinkler system, but in some cases, the pump may be required to properly pressurize your system. At the initial appointment, your estimator will do their best to let you know if a booster pump may be required for your new lawn sprinkler system.

The Auto Rain representative will also check the quality of your Wi-Fi signal to determine the proper location for your Wi-fi Smart Controller.

Once the necessary information from inside has been collected, it is time to step outside to see the areas you would like to have sprinkler coverage. These may include but are not limited to: front, back, and side yards, plant beds, gardens, and parkways/village right of ways.

When coverage areas have been determined, our representative will get working on your estimate right away. They will determine the equipment, parts, and labor necessary for your specific job. With these components calculated and optimized to provide you with a top quality sprinkler system, they will return to your door to present you with your estimate and go over any remaining questions.

Step 3: Proposal Signature and Deposit

Provided you find the proposal acceptable, and have no further questions at the moment, we will need just a few things from you:

  • Your signature on the proposal
  • A copy of your Plat of Survey
  • Payment of the agreed upon deposit amount
  • *additional signatures may be required during the permit process (we will collect these as necessary during our work on your permit packet)

Step 4: Auto Rain will obtain your Permit

We will follow all required steps per your Village or Municipality for submission of Permit applications and required materials, drawing, and manufacturer specification sheets.

Step 5: Installation will be scheduled by Auto Rain

After your permit has been approved, Auto-Rain will work with you to schedule your installation.

Step 6: The Installation

Typical residential sprinkler installations take between 1 and 2 days.

Crews will arrive on site and begin installing all the components of your Auto Rain System!

Step 7: Installation Is Complete!

At the conclusion of your installation, we will walk you through your system, run all the zones and program your controller. We will show you how to use your smartphone app to run your system from anywhere Wi-Fi is available and at anytime of the day!

A Backflow inspection and test will be performed on your RPZ unit, and paperwork filed. Please see the Backflow Testing tab for more detailed information.

A final inspection from there permitting village or municipality will be scheduled, and final payment will be collected.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New System!

Please call us at any time to discuss any questions about maintenance or operation – otherwise, we will see you in the fall to shut down your system and prepare it for the winter!

Hire Auto-Rain, Inc. For Your Sprinkler System

At Auto-Rain, we believe that the highest quality products provided by the most professional and courteous staff are the key elements to your sprinkler system.

From the first sales meeting to the final walkthrough with the customer, our staff are trained and equipped to provide you with a level of professionalism that cannot be matched.

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