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Born out of a landscape company, Auto-Rain has had the privilege of serving the irrigation needs of the Chicago land area for the last 17 years. Wheather a large commercial project or a private residence, Auto-Rain is your #1 choice for in ground sprinklers. Our dedication to remain on the cutting edge of the irrigation industry is unmatched in the Chicago area. Our goal is to provide our customers with efficient irrigation systems that make the most out of every drop of water.

Our Certified Irrigation Designers will design an irrigation \ system that is tailored to the specific watering needs of your property. Beware of contractors that cut corners with too few heads which results in “dry spots”, and others still who throw too many heads in every nook and cranny which will result in uneven distribution that leads to “‘wet spots” that never dry out. At Auto-Rain, we aren’t about the sales gimmicks.

By designing and installing the right way the first time, we will make the most efficient use of our most precious natural resource, our water, while ensuring that your property will receive 100% coverage with distribution uniformity.

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    We are a team of dedicated professionals

    Katlyn Abraham – President/ founder

    Christa Velander- Sales & Service Manager